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Lazer Sword. So Prime.

My face should just be replaced with a question mark. I live in a constant state of puzzlement and confusion.


Can we ban these fake “intellectual romantics” posting advice about how to date, who to date, what an acceptable person to date is, and what a real man or woman is?

These post keep appearing on my screen when I am busy trying to internet. I find them distracting, bigoted, and often times it makes me want for humanity to just end and let the next generation of animals to take over.

A lot of these “wise” people just seem to continue stereotypes, hindering both men and women. You don’t need a romantic partner to be happy and live a full filling life. You don’t have to try and act a certain way. You shouldn’t try to be anything but what you are. Live life and quit worrying and about speculating on these things. You are hurting yourself and the other people by passing on these mentally damaging ideas.

We all have different things that make up who we are. Do what works best for you and who you are. Quit worrying. Just focus on doing what you need to do.


"It’s hard work being this adorable."
-Penelope Lane, “Penny”


"It’s hard work being this adorable."

-Penelope Lane, “Penny”


Rolly Crump explaining the “Museum of the Weird” attraction. In one concept for the Haunted Mansion, the main walk through (this was prior to Doombuggies) would take guests through the mansion, while a spillway area would house the Museum of the Weird. The queue would go through the Museum of the Weird, letting guests experience the effects. Other plans called for the area to be a themed restaurant like the Blue Bayou.

Rolly Crump worked with Yale Gracey on a number of the practical effects, including the organist above. After Walt’s passing the Haunted Mansion project was reworked and the Museum of the Weird was removed. Some of the effects that Crump and Gracey were still used for the final attraction.

You can read a great article on the Museum of the Weird at Doombuggies.

(via learnhowtodance)